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I would like to help you realize why you are so obsessed with real estate. Everyone wants a home, everyone wants to own a property. I come from a beautiful Caribbean country called the British Virgin Islands, There are beautiful Villas that people buy and turn into money machines via vacation rental income, There are houses built on cliffs that any engineer would approve, and finally, there are the savvy locals that buy land and hold on to it forever, passing it from generation to generation. But why?

There are so many people around the world that seem to be happy and they do not own real estate. But could they be happier?

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  Instinctively everyone wants to own property! Instinctively everyone wants to own multiple properties. It’s actually wired in our DNA that we have dominion over the earth. Not just a piece of it, but over as much of it as possible. It makes so much sense now as to why the World’s richest people own second, third, or fourth homes in exotic economies like the British Virgin Islands.

It’s natural! I used to always think that it’s the shaping and forming of society that tells us that we should own home to feel secure and to be happy. This shows that the individuals around the world that do not own real estate might be lacking a certain level of happiness, a level of happiness that I would never condemn but instead attempt to increase their awareness of the possibilities to add to their happiness.

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Waters Edge in Oil Nut Bay

There are many millionaires in the BVI, but there are no local Billionaires just yet unless you include Sir Richard Branson who's been with us since the 1970s. The majority of these millionaires never lose their wealth because they have it heavily focused on real estate. The billionaires that buy property in the BVI not only look to the stability of our financial sector but also the combination of the beauty, sailing activities and quality of the properties in the BVI are second to none.  The British Virgin Islands is about 55 sq. miles big. I’m going to leave the demand and supply economics to you. But to me, that really adds to the value of the property here on the island. If you are going to be instinctive and own real estate, then you might as well own the most valuable property that you can possibly find. Everyone knows about the BVI because of our world-renowned Financial Sector. The real estate around the Roman empire back in the BC and AD eras was the most valuable in the world because of the economic activity of the roman empire in those days. All the historians can tell you that the bloodshed in those days was for only one reason, Property!

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Hawksnest Villa in Tortola

Because of the advancement of the world’s legal system, technology and the much more efficient methods that combine democracy and capitalism, We no longer have to kill and conquer to own valuable real estate. We now simply have to earn, save and invest. 

What kind of man or woman would go against the nature of things? We still have a strong desire to dominate. We prefer however to do so in a more domesticated manner through the creating and acquiring of businesses and of course through the collecting of real estate.

I am Rico Garcia, a local Broker and RE/MAX Regional Owner in the British Virgin Islands. My desire is to help others dominate, not through the means of our forefathers in the developing ages but privately and safely by acquiring property all around the Caribbean. I often help many people start that Journey in the British Virgin Islands.

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